Our Parti Poodles



You bet it is, and a beautiful one at that! 


This is an example of the infamous Parti, or Multi Colored, Poodle.   Decades have been spent
trying to rid the Poodle gene pool of these dramatically colored dogs.  Theyíve been called
everything from mutts to mistakes.  The fact of the matter is that these Parti, or Multi colored,
Poodles have the original Poodle coat of two or more colors.  These spotted patterns are nothing
new, as evidenced by art work dating back to the 1700's and before.  But it is only in recent
years that a few serious, reputable breeders have sought to bring the Parti back to itís
rightful position as an accepted participant in the Poodle gene pool and in the show ring.


Sadly, the *flashiness* of these beautiful coat colors has made them a very popular breed for
Puppy Mills and Backyard Breeders.  This, in turn, has made for a very rough road for serious
Parti Poodlebreeders, who are working diligently to do all the needed health testing, and  breed
sound, healthy, conformationally correct poodles, meeting the current breed standard completely
except for color (multicoloring is a disqualification for the show ring in AKC).  More often than not,
the general public, and also the breeders of Solid colored Poodles, see only poor examples of Parti Poodles, because the Mills and BYBís have been actively breeding any and all colors,regardless
of health or conformation issues.  But those of us who love, and appreciate, the exceptional
beauty of the Poodle, and also honor itís origins of color, want nothing more than
to bring the Parti backto respectability.



To this end, I do all the suggested, and indicated, health testing on all dogs to be used for
breeding. I am focused on adding diversity to the limited gene pool we now have, in both the
Parti color pattern andthe Phantom pattern.  I recently brought in my beautiful, solid
color multiple Champion female, and will also be breeding one of my Parti girls to a Best In
Show winning, Solid color male, in order to infuse better structure and type.  These additions
will bring in the much needed diversity and a brighter future for these lovely dogs!




I am excited about some of the very positive changes that are occurring within a
small group of dedicated Parti and Phantom breeders.  Gaining legitimacy for these
beautiful dogs is a road paved with hard work, making tough choices about our
individual breeding programs, showing our dogs at AKC (Performance) and
UKC (Conformation and Performance), sharing knowledge of health issues that
affect the future generations and not compromising on what it takes to do it right.


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